VZ Navigator App - Términos y condiciones

VZ Navigator ("Service") is an application that provides maps, points of interest and turn by turn navigation. Antes de comenzar, queremos que conozca algunas particularidades importantes acerca del servicio.

This Agreement is between you as our Subscriber and Verizon Wireless ("VZW") and it sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use and we agree to provide the Service. By using the Service, you accept these Terms and Conditions, which may be modified by us from time to time.

  1. Acuerdo con el cliente. Este Servicio está sujeto a todos los términos del Acuerdo con el cliente que tiene con nosotros. La versión actual del Acuerdo con el cliente se puede encontrar en: https://www.verizonwireless.com/legal/notices/customer-agreement/.

  2. Charges. Your download of the Service will be billed according to your data plan. Your use of the Service will be billed according to the monthly recurring fee or daily (24 hours) fee that you agreed to pay and data charges may apply. Message and data rates may apply when you use the "Share" option. Certain features and functionality of the Service, such as spoken turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic, are only available with a monthly or daily subscription.

  3. Privacy. Information collected and used by this Service is subject to the VZ Navigator Privacy Policy, which can be found at http://www.verizon.com/about/privacy/vznavigator/.

  4. Location. By subscribing to and/or using this Service, you consent and permit VZW to gather, collect, use and disclose your location information to third parties in order to deliver the Service. VZW does not represent, warrant or guarantee the reliability or accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any location information provided through the Service. When you select the "Share" option to share your location information with others via text message, email, social media or otherwise, you consent to and permit VZW to disclose your location information to the recipients and others to whom the recipients forward or send your location information, which may include social media sites or public forums.

  5. Licenses. You have a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Service and the object code version of the Service's software solely for the purposes for which it is provided and only in accordance with all documentation provided by VZW or its licensors. Source code for parts of the software may be available for use, modification and distribution under certain open source licenses, which can be found at www.verizon.com/opensource. Certain software or technical information is licensed from third parties and may be covered by one or more U.S. Patents, pending U.S. patent applications, and pending counterpart European and international patents.

  6. Restricciones de uso. Usted no podrá adaptar, alterar, modificar, descompilar, hacer ingeniería inversa, traducir o crear trabajos derivados del servicio ni de ningún software incluido, ni permitirá que terceros lo hagan.

  7. Cancelación. VZW puede cancelar o discontinuar este servicio en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso, incluso si usted incumple los Términos y condiciones.


  9. Driving Safety. VZW is not responsible for use of the mobile phone while driving. El manejo seguro es su responsabilidad y siempre debe ser su prioridad. Use of your mobile phone or other electronic devices while driving can cause distractions, even if you are using hands free devices. Consider turning off your mobile phone and allowing calls to go to voicemail, and never text or email while driving.

Última actualización: 4/14/15