Verizon Cloud LastPass Promotion FAQs

Información general

  1. What's LastPass?

    LastPass is a free password managing service that makes visiting your favorite sites more simple and secure. LastPass lets you:

    • Create 1 master password to securely auto-login to all of your favorite sites.
    • Store your login information safely.
    • Manage everything from a simple, searchable vault.
    • Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your passwords.
    • Not have to keep track of different usernames and passwords for different sites.

    LastPass uses "zero-knowledge" technology which means only you can view your password information. LastPass has:

    • Strong encryption algorithms
    • Local-only encryption
    • 2-factor authentication
  2. Who's eligible to get 6 months of LastPass premium for free?

    You can get the Premium version of LastPass free for 6 months if you:

    • Are a Verizon Cloud subscriber with the 500 GB or the 1 TB Verizon Cloud storage plan
    • Are on the Verizon Wireless network
    • Don't already have LastPass Premium
  3. If I try the 6-months free premium LastPass service, what do I get?

    Premium includes everything in the free service plus:

    • One-to-many sharing
    • Emergency access
    • Advanced multi-factor options
    • Priority tech support
    • LastPass for applications
    • 1 GB encrypted file storage

    Visita LastPass para obtener más información.


  4. What if I no longer want to use LastPass Premium after I enroll in the promotion?

    You can delete your LastPass account any time by logging in at Otherwise, your LastPass Premium promotion ends automatically 6 months after it starts. When it ends, you can choose to keep LastPass Premium as a paid service if you want to.

    If you don't subscribe to the LastPass Premium service, your LastPass account will automatically convert to the free version with more limited features.

  5. How will I know when my LastPass 6-month promotion ends?

    Your LastPass Premium promotion ends automatically after 6 months. You can check your LastPass Premium account status anytime. Visit the LastPass support site para obtener instrucciones paso a paso.

  6. What happens after my 6-months free LastPass Premium promotion ends?

    After your 6 months free promotion ends, you can continue your LastPass Premium service by subscribing at the monthly fee LastPass offers.

    If you don't subscribe to the premium service by the last day of the promotion, your LastPass account will automatically convert to the free version with more limited features.

  7. I use Verizon Cloud only to save my Contacts. Can I still get 6 months of LastPass Premium for free?

    No. To qualify for the 6-months free LastPass Premium offer, you need to subscribe to the premium version of Verizon Cloud, either a 500 GB plan or 1 TB plan.

  8. How do I start using LastPass?

    To get started with LastPass, eligible Verizon Cloud subscribers can click Password in the Verizon Cloud menu.

    1. A LastPass page opens with a link to download the LastPass app.
    2. Download the app.
    3. Create a LastPass account with 1 secure master password.
    4. After you download LastPass, the LastPass button appears in your browser's toolbar.
    5. Access LastPass through the button.

    You can add all of the sites you want to visit securely to your LastPass vault, where you’ll manage your usernames and passwords.

  9. What if I have questions or need help with LastPass?

    Because the LastPass app is separate from the Verizon Cloud app, visit LastPass support for troubleshooting, set up questions, tech support and concerns about LastPass.