Preguntas frecuentes sobre cómo entender y cambiar tu plan

Find answers to questions about your plan including finding your plan name y changing your plan.

For instructions on how to change your plan visit our Cómo cambiar tu plan página.

Información general

  1. What is my plan and how much data, voice and messaging do I have?

    You can find your plan name and data, voice and messages allowance online and with the My Verizon app.

    • Online: Go to the Mi Plan en Mi Verizon.

    • My Verizon app:
      1. Abre el menú que se encuentra en la parte superior izquierda.
      2. Toca Account.
      3. Tap My Plan.

    Here you can view the following plan details:

    • Name of your plan
    • Data, voice and messaging allowance amount
    • Current features & services

      Note: If you have more than one mobile number on your account, select the one you want from the dropdown in the My Devices section.

    If you're worried about data overages, consider switching to unlimited. With Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited, you'll get unlimited data*, talk and text and more. Learn more about unlimited.

    *4G LTE only. During times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic (only after 22 GB/line/mo on Unlimited Plan and Beyond Unlimited or after 75 GB/line/mo on Above Unlimited). No disponible para servicios de máquina a máquina. Mobile hotspot/tethering reduced to speeds up to 600 Kbps (only after 15 GB/month on Unlimited Plan and Beyond Unlimited, or after 20 GB/month on Above Unlimited); domestic data roaming at 2G speeds; int'l data reduced to 2G speeds after 0.5 GB/day (on Unlimited Plan, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited). Si más del 50% del uso de tus llamadas, textos o datos en un período de 60 días es en Canadá o México, el uso de esos servicios en esos países puede ser eliminado o limitado. Streaming de video en HD (SD en teléfonos con el plan Go Unlimited). Se requiere pago automático (solo cheques, sistema bancario por Internet o tarjetas de débito) y facturación electrónica. No hay descuentos disponibles.

  2. ¿Cómo me cambio al nuevo plan Verizon?

    If you want to switch to el nuevo plan Verizon, you can change your plan online or with the My Verizon app. Learn how to switch to the new Verizon Plan.

  3. How do I change my existing plan online?

    Conoce cómo cambiar tu plan actual in My Verizon. You can add more data or increase your voice and messaging allowance in My Verizon.

    También puedes mix and match unlimited data plans más de la mejor red.

  4. If I change my plan, will my upgrade eligibility date be reset?

    No, your upgrade eligibility won't be affected by a plan change.

  5. Will changing my plan affect my contract end date?

    No, your contract end date won't be affected by a plan change.

  6. Will I be charged a fee to change my plan or my minutes, messages or data allowance?

    No, there's no cost to change your plan or your allowances in My Verizon. However, your cargo de acceso mensual, taxes and recargos may increase or decrease depending on the price of the plan you choose.

    Note: If you have a plan with an unlimited minutes and messages option, such as the new Verizon Plan or The MORE Everything® Plan, data will be the only allowance you need to change online. All other plans will have options for changing each allowance (i.e., minutes, messages and data) and an option to switch to el nuevo plan Verizon.

  7. Can I increase the minutes on my current plan if it's a discontinued plan?

    If you have The Verizon Plan or most older plans, you need to switch to el nuevo plan Verizon if you want to change your data allowance. If you have The MORE Everything Plan or a Nationwide plan, you can change your minute, text and data allowances in My Verizon without changing plans.

  8. How can I determine which minutes, messages or data allowance is best for me?

    Visita Análisis de la cuenta to see a graph of your usage history. Based on your usage results the Account Analysis page will display a recommended plan if there's one more appropriate for your usage.

  9. How soon after changing my plan or allowances for minutes, messaging or data will My Verizon display my new plan?

    Your new plan or data allowances should display in Mi Verizon within 24 hours after making the change or after the date you've selected for the change.

  10. How do I check how much of my minutes, messages and data I've used this month?

    There are two ways to check how much of your allowance you've used during your current ciclo de facturación:

    • The My Verizon app: The Data Hub in the My Verizon app shows how much data you're using and keeps you in control over surprise overages. Conoce más sobre el My Verizon app.

      Note: Usage amounts aren't displayed if you're on an unlimited plan.

    • My Verizon: View your usage on the View Usage page. For a more detailed usage analysis, go to the Análisis de la cuenta page. Here you can see your usage history trends and we'll provide a recommendation if there's a plan that better fits your needs.

      Note: Usage amounts aren't displayed if you're on an unlimited plan.

    • By phone: Call #MIN or #DATA (airtime free) from your mobile phone.
  11. If I have a pending order on my account, can I change my plan or my allowances for minutes, messages or data online?

    Yes, if you have a future transaction on your account, you'll have the option to cancel the pending order when you change your plan allowances. If you cancel a future transaction remember that you'll have to place it again.


    Para eliminar un pedido pendiente de tu cuenta:

    1. Ve a la página Cambios pendientes en Mi Verizon.
    2. Haz clic en Borrar al lado del pedido pendiente que quieres eliminar.
    3. Haz clic en Borrar cambio pendiente en la cuenta.