Recargos y cargos

What additional fees and surcharges are added to Verizon Wireless bills?

Your bill will include any applicable state and local taxes and Verizon Wireless surcharges. These charges are in addition to your plan's monthly access charge and the monthly charges associated with any optional services you subscribe to.

In addition to any Verizon Wireless surcharges assessed based on the service address for your primary place of use, surcharges include (i) a Regulatory Charge (which helps defray various government charges we pay including government number administration and license fees); (ii) a Federal Universal Service Charge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Charge) to recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal service; and (iii) an Administrative Charge, which helps defray certain expenses we incur, including: charges we, or our agents, pay local telephone companies for delivering calls from our customers to their customers; fees and assessments on our network facilities and services; property taxes; and the costs we incur responding to regulatory obligations. Importante: éstos no son impuestos, sino cargos de Verizon Wireless. Estos cargos, y lo que se incluye, están sujetos a cambios ocasionales.