Preguntas frecuentes del Plan de teléfono básico para línea individual

Introducing the Single Basic Phone Plan, the new single-line plan that connects your basic phone with unlimited talk & text. And that means no more counting minutes. Plus 500MB of data for $30/mo. Plus taxes and fees.

Información general

  1. What is the Single Basic Line Plan, and what do I get with it?

    For only $30/month* our Single Basic Line Plan includes:

    • Llamadas y textos ilimitados
    • Mensajería internacional ilimitada desde EE. UU.
    • 500 MB de data

    * Plus taxes and fees.

    To learn more and sign up for this plan, visit our Planes para un solo dispositivo página.

    1. Scroll or swipe down and click or tap See the plan for your device.
    2. Click or tap Basic Phone.
    3. Click or tap one of the two options:
      1. Tengo un teléfono básico
      2. Necesito un nuevo teléfono básico
  2. How will I be charged if I go over my data allowance on the Single Basic Line Plan?

    Your Single Basic Line Plan comes with 500 MB of data/month. If you go over your monthly plan allotment, you'll be charged $5 per 500 MB.