Prepaid Auto Pay changes FAQs

Auto Pay has been improved for prepaid accounts with monthly plans. Auto Pay services for daily, broadband and tablet plans aren't being changed at this time. If you move your tablet or Jetpack® to a new monthly plan, you'll get the benefits of the new prepaid Auto Pay service, as well as $5/month per line discount.

Información general

  1. I received a text message that says my Auto Pay settings have changed. What does this mean?

    Verizon has made several improvements to your Auto Pay experience:

    • All payment dates have been moved to match the plan's expiration date
    • All payment amounts now match the monthly plan amount (including taxes and fees)
    • All payment amounts now include any monthly renewable features, like International Long Distance
    • If there are funds in your account, Auto Pay will use that first and will charge the remaining amount to your credit/debit card
    • When you make a change to your account (e.g., change your plan, add a monthly renewable feature, etc.), Auto Pay will automatically update your payment amount as needed
  2. What is my new Auto Pay date for my prepaid account?

    Your Auto Pay date may align with your plan expiration date, even if service is interrupted or you make account changes.

    You'll find your Auto Pay payment date on the Administrar Pago automático en Mi Verizon.

  3. When will my Auto Pay change on my prepaid account?

    If you received a text message that your Auto Pay has changed, your Auto Pay has already been updated. You'll see the new Auto Pay functionality on your next plan expiration date.

    You can see your Auto Pay payment date and amount on the Administrar Pago automático en Mi Verizon.

  4. Why was my prepaid Auto Pay payment date changed?

    Payment dates were moved to the most optimal date to ensure funds are available for renewal and service remains active.

  5. Can I request my old Auto Pay payment date again?

    No, Auto Pay is enhanced to avoid shortages that typically occur when paying early or interruptions in service for late payments. This new requirement helps ensure your account always has sufficient funds to renew.

  6. I already made a payment to my prepaid account. Will Auto Pay run again on my plan expiration date?

    Auto Pay will now check your balance for funds before charging your card. If you added funds to your account, Auto Pay will use your balance first to make your monthly payment.

    If there's a shortage, Auto Pay will charge the remaining costs to the credit/debit card you have on file.

  7. Can I make a one-time payment to my prepaid account while on Auto Pay?

    Additional payments can be made to your account anytime.

    Auto Pay will always use the balance on your account first. It will only charge your credit/debit card if the balance is not sufficient to cover the plan and any recurring features.

  8. Will this affect any Auto Pay promotional offers I have on my account?

    No, it won't. You'll continue to receive any Auto Pay promotions after this change.