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One TalkSM from Verizon FAQs

Información básica y beneficios
  1. One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on the go and remote, or a combination of both.

    Your mobile telephone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features on any of your common devices, including:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Verizon One Talk desk phones

    For a complete list of features, see our One Talk Features página.

    To learn how One Talk can help your business, see our One Talk Business Solutions página.

  2. One Talk is available on any business account in the domestic US, regardless of the size, type and location of the business.

    One Talk can be used on Verizon Wireless devices, as well as any other carrier devices (smartphones or tablets).

    One Talk is available to anyone who has either been preauthorized or issued a Verizon One Talk telephone line by the business they work for.

    1. Once you receive the Pre-Authorization text message, go to the Productos y apps en Mi Verizon.
    2. Under the Get Products tab, scroll to One Talk.
    3. Revisa y acepta los términos y condiciones.
    4. Click Get it now.

  3. Yes, One Talk calls can be initiated through any type of connection you have, including the Verizon 4G LTE network and Wi-Fi.

  4. One Talk can be added to lines on the following plans:

    • The MORE Everything® Plan For Small Business (up to 10 lines)
    • Small Business Plans (up to 25, 50 or 100 lines)
    • The Verizon Plan (up to 10 lines)
    • The new Verizon Plan (up to 10 lines)
    • The Verizon Plan for Business (up to 25 lines)
    • The new Verizon Plan for Business (up to 25 lines)
    • Planes flexibles para negocios
    • Nationwide for Business Plans (supported later in 2016)
    • Business Unlimited

  5. Consulta los One Talk Supported Devices page for a list of all compatible devices for One Talk.

  6. The price for One Talk is typically $25/month per user.

    If you only add the One Talk dialer to your certified device with no shared endpoints on the same mobile line, the price is $15/month.

    • If you're using a One Talk desk phone and the One Talk Mobile App, the price is $25/month.
    • The One Talk Automated Receptionist is $20/month.
    • A Hunt Group phone number is included at no additional cost when activating One Talk on an eligible smartphone, the One Talk Mobile App or a One Talk desk phone.
    • Additional government taxes, fees and surcharges also apply.

  7. No, One Talk requires new desk phones from Verizon that have built-in functionality and services for security and easy installation.

  8. One Talk desk phones utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and require a broadband internet connection to connect to the Verizon Wireless network. The amount of broadband bandwidth and speed required is directly related to the quantity, type of desk phones and other devices sharing the broadband internet service.

  9. Yes, you can use existing mobile numbers or landline numbers as your One Talk phone Number.

    If you want to use an existing number that isn't serviced through Verizon Wireless, you can transferir tu número to Verizon Wireless and add the One Talk feature to your devices. Number porting is available from all mobile and landline services in the US.

    There are a few limitations to reuse existing Verizon mobile numbers on the One Talk Mobile App, Auto Receptionist and Hunt Group. Please consult your sales representative for a list of restrictions.

  10. The dialer options on the smartphone make all originated and received calls a more natural experience. Just make or answer a call as you normally would, and all of your business features are right there on the screen.

    iOS Basic dialer is available on the following devices:

    • iPhone® SE
    • iPhone 6, 6 Plus
    • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus
    • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
    • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
    • iPhone X

    Android® Basic dialer is available on the following devices:

    • Kyocera DuraForce PRO
    • LG V20™
    • Pixel™, Phone de Google
    • Pixel™ XL, el teléfono de Google
    • Google Pixel 2
    • Google Pixel 2 XL
    • Moto Z Force Droid Edition
    • Moto Z edición Droid
    • Moto Z Play edición Droid
    • moto z2 play
    • moto z2 force
    • Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse
    • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+
    • Samsung Galaxy Note8
    • Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+

    Posted on March 20, 2018. Please continue to check for an up-to-date list.

  11. The One Talk Mobile App provides the same business features as the enhanced dialer and brings the user into the overall Business Group features. When receiving a call, the app will open on your screen, so you can answer. To make a call, you'll need to first open the app, and then enter the number you want to call.

    You can add the One Talk service to any iOS (version 9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 Lollipop or higher) smartphone or tablet, including those purchased through a service provider other than Verizon.

    If your employee has a personal phone with service through a provider other than Verizon, that phone could still be eligible for One Talk. If eligible, the One Talk Mobile App will need to be installed on that device, and the user will have two phone numbers, his/her personal phone number and a second One Talk phone number.

  12. There are numerous Bluetooth®, wireless and wired desk-phone headsets supported by One Talk. For a complete list of compatible headsets, see our One Talk Supported Headsets página.

Getting Started and Setting Up One Talk
    1. Complete and review your service order with a representative.
      • If you ordered One Talk on your personal device:
        • Talk to your account administrator to understand your company's policies.
        • Follow the procedures to either download the app or download the dialer.
        • If you need a desk phone, have the account administrator order one for you.
      • If the service was ordered for a business device:
        • Talk to your account administrator to understand your company's policies.
        • Registrarse para Mi Verizon
        • Consulta la Términos y condiciones.
    2. Set the E911 addresses for the deskphones:
      • One Talk supports E911 requirements. Desk phones registration requires the entry of a valid e911 address during initial installation to associate the devices with a physical address of the phone, so that 911 calls can be routed correctly. It's your responsibility to maintain the address with updates, and you'll be prompted to update after any power cycle of the phone.
      • The mobile devices have a client that runs in either One Talk Dialer or Mobile App mode.
      • Smartphone calls from the One Talk Dialer use standard VZW 911 routing and emergency call control policies whenever an emergency call is placed, always use the geo-location of the device.
    3. Prepare your business for service with desk phones.
      1. If you've ordered desk phones, conduct a quick broadband test of your bandwidth during busy business hours. This will ensure that the quality of your phone service will be sufficient.
      2. Each desk phone will require a connection to your local area network (LAN) for service. Most desk phones will use a wired Ethernet connection to a router in your business.

        Assess whether there will be a need to install or move Ethernet cable jacks. This will depend on where your local data router and the wired jacks for your data network are located.
        • If you need to add or move jacks for your desk phones, you can contact the IT installer that you use for your computer networking, or contact our partner CompuCom Tech-Zone for service.
        • If you have the T46G with a Wi-Fi USB adapter, or the T49G, you can connect these wirelessly to a Wi-Fi router in your business.
      3. Each desk phone will require AC power. You'll need an AC outlet near the desk phone, or you can use a LAN router that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). Consult your data router instruction manual to confirm it can support PoE, if that is your preference.
    4. Ingresa a Mi Verizon.

    5. Conecta tus dispositivos.
      1. Desk-phone-service initialization is designed for simple, self-installation. Should you require a professional installer and don't have an IT contractor, we'll recommend CompuCom Tech-Zone for you. A professional installer may be required to install or move jacks.
      2. The desk phones will operate with most default settings on your router and firewalls. If your IT manager has made changes from the defaults, you may need to adjust the settings to enable VoIP behind a firewall.
      3. For any desk phone associated with a ported telephone number, please coordinate with the professional installer to complete jack installation/moves and networking changes prior to the port date.
      4. Desk phones come with two ports: Internet and PC. This allows the desk phone and PC to share the same Ethernet/Internet cable line. If you should require professional installation, we recommend CompuCom Tech-Zone.
    6. Test the phone lines.
      1. Use the device to answer an incoming call and place an outgoing call to and from the business.
      2. Ported phone numbers won't be able to receive calls before the porting process has been completed.

  1. When your number is ported over to Verizon Wireless, the service from your previous provider is disconnected and your number is now serviced by Verizon Wireless.

    To complete the user information and settings applicable to that number, your SPOC/admin needs to:

    1. Entra a Mi Negocio to access the One Talk Admin Portal.
    2. Click Set Up User Info, under "Quick Tasks" to assign a name, email and extension number for the new number.
    3. Initialize One Talk service for the desired device:
      • Desk phone - Complete the Set Up User information, and then plug in your desk phone.
      • AR/HG - Configure through the Manage AR or HG Quick Task.
      • Mobile app - Complete the Set Up User information, and then download the One Talk Mobile App on your device.

    You are ready to begin using your device on the Verizon Wireless network.

Managing Groups
  1. Creating groups enables you to organize users by department or site.

  2. Groups can be created by:

    • The customer in the My Business Admin portal
    • The sales rep
    • Atención al cliente

  3. You can have up to 1,000 users in a single group.

  4. Your company can have an unlimited number of groups.

  5. Yes. You can create groups in bulk by uploading a list of the new groups using a downloadable spreadsheet template in Mi Negocio.

  6. Yes. Groups can have different business features, such as Automated Receptionist and Hunt Groups. Business features are configured in Mi Negocio.

  7. Yes. You can use the Calling Line ID Delivery business feature to create a separate outgoing Caller ID for each group. Selecting the Calling Line ID Delivery option (use one number for all lines in the group) will display that number for all outbound calls from anyone in the group.

  8. Yes. You can create extensions for One Talk numbers in each group. Extensions can range from 2 to 6 digits and are configured in Mi Negocio. Additionally, the Virtual On-Net Extensions business feature allows you to create extensions for external numbers (e.g., for non-One Talk numbers).

  9. No. Each group can be set up to use a different length for extensions (e.g., one group can use 4-digit extensions and another group can use 5-digit extensions). You can configure group extension length is configured in Mi Negocio.

  10. Yes. Users can dial extensions in other groups directly, provided the extensions are unique across the company. For non-unique extensions, group dialing prefixes must be used.

  11. Group dialing prefixes are a way to set up a prefix for a group to allow for extension dialing across groups when you want to use the same extension in more than one group. Users will dial the "prefix" + "extension" from their device.

  12. Yes. You can move users between groups in Mi Negocio. Moved users will inherit the business features of the destination group, but user features (e.g., Call Forwarding number) will be reset to the default values.

  13. Yes. Moving a user between groups is a service change in the network. You must reset all devices registered to the user's line after the move has been completed to ensure minimal disruption in service.

Servicio y disponibilidad
  1. When calls are placed to your business number for the One Talk service, the One Talk Mobile App will present itself for you to answer the call, rather than device's dialer.

  2. One Talk provides several group and user features that can be activated to facilitate the handling of calls after hours. You can set the device to Do Not Disturb after hours, or apply many of the other features such as Call Forwarding, Call Acceptance/Rejection, Group Forwarding, etc.

  3. Similar to Verizon HD Voice, a One Talk call will drop if you leave Verizon's 4G LTE coverage, unless the device is enabled for Wi-Fi Calling and a Wi-Fi network is available.

    When outside of 4G LTE network coverage, the One Talk Mobile App will revert to the dialer of the mobile smartphone to make and receive calls. Only the advanced business features will be unavailable at that time.

  4. One Talk works best when you're in 4G LTE coverage. The calling behavior will fluctuate once you move outside of 4G LTE territory. If possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network when you're not in a strong 4G LTE coverage area.

  5. Video calling uses the data connection of the mobile device to transmit the video to the network. Video quality is fully dependent on the signal strength and bandwidth for the video calling-capable device.

The iOS Basic Dialer
  1. There are 3 ways to access and manage your One Talk service number with your smart phone:

    • One Talk Enhanced Dialer
    • One Talk Mobile App
    • One Talk Basic Dialer (iOS or Android)

    The differences between the three depend on the smartphone carrier or device, and how you set up features from the smartphone and access the features.

      One Talk Enhanced Dialer (LTE)
    One Talk Mobile App
    One Talk Android/iOS Basic Dialer
    Eligible Carriers
    Verizon Wireless
    Any carrier Verizon Wireless
    Dispositivos elegibles
    Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
    Android & iOS Kyocera DuraForce PRO
    LG V20
    Pixel, el teléfono de Google
    Pixel XL, el teléfono de Google
    Google Pixel 2
    Google Pixel 2 XL
    iPhone SE
    iPhone 6, 6 Plus
    iPhone 6s, 6s Plus
    iPhone 7, 7 Plus
    iPhone 8/8 Plus
    iPhone X
    Moto Z Force Droid Edition
    Moto Z edición Droid
    Moto Z Play edición Droid
    moto z2 play
    moto z2 force
    Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse
    Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+
    Samsung Galaxy Note8
    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+
    Quantity of telephone numbers on device
    1 Number:
    One Talk Number
    2 Numbers:
    One Talk Number
    Número de teléfono
    1 Number: One Talk Number
    Set / configure features directly from mobile device
    Set using dialer menu:
    • Call Forward (4-options)
    • No molestar
    • Deactivate Device
    Set using app menu:
    • Call Forward (4-options)
    • No molestar
    • Deactivate Device
    Set using device settings: DND

    Set using Feature Access Code (FAC, e.g., **72 for Call Forwarding)
    Use features during an active call Use via dialer icons:
    • Upgrade to Video Calling (enabled devices)
    • Call Move / Retrieve / Transfer / Barge
    • Line appearance
    Use via app icons:
    • Upgrade to Video Calling (enabled devices)
    • Call Move / Retrieve / Transfer / Barge
    • Line appearance
    Use via FAC:
    • iOS: Video Call using FaceTime®

    • iOS: Cannot upgrade voice to video call, transfer

    • Android: Upgrade to Video Calling

    • Call Move / Retrieve / Barge

    • Android: Cannot: Transfer

  2. The complete list of Feature Access Codes (FAC) (PDF*) is in the Feature tab in the One Talk portal.

  3. FAC codes are paired: One to turn ON and one to turn OFF.

  4. All group features. A One Talk Basic Dialer user can participate in all feature settings.

  5. All user features are available. A One Talk Basic Dialer-only user can access all settings in My Verizon. Once set, the feature will apply to the mobile device number through its Feature Access Code. Please see the complete list of Feature Access Codes (PDF*).

  6. Yes. You can make a FaceTime call to any other FaceTime-capable device. It's not limited to One Talk user lines.

  7. One Talk Smart Phone subscribers are eligible to add One Talk Visual Voicemail, One Talk Premium Visual Voicemail and One Talk Voicemail to Text. One Talk Smart Phone subscribers may also utilize One Talk Basic Voicemail.

    • To access One Talk Basic Voicemail, Call *86
    • To access One Talk Visual Voicemail, use the Visual Voicemail app on the device or select the Voicemail icon in the phone dialer screen

    For more information on accessing One Talk Basic Voicemail, Visual Voicemail or One Talk Voicemail to Text, click aquí.

  8. Yes. Manage-conference-call options, such as dropping one party, is available.

  1. Service billing appears as two individual line items: a service feature order, labeled "One Talk Service" and a second line item labeled, "Price plan type" or "Line Access Charge". Your selection of a Price plan type determines the type of charge that appears on the bill. Both line items reflect the more up-to-date service pricing.

  2. Billing of an Automated Receptionist and a Hunt Group appear as two individual line items: a service feature order, labeled "One Talk Service" and a second line item labeled, "Price plan type" or "Line Access Charge". Your selection of a Price plan type determines the type of charge that appears on the bill. Both line items reflect the more up-to-date service pricing.

  3. All One Talk voice minutes and usage are tracked for reporting purposes on your bill, regardless of the device used. This lets you review the calls you've made during your billing cycle, but it doesn't mean you pay extra for your calls.

    The way your calls are billed varies by device:

    • One Talk HD Voice calls initiated over the One Talk Dialer (Enhanced or iOS Basic) on One Talk-capable Verizon smartphones will use your plan minutes. However, all plans available for One Talk come with unlimited minutes and text. Video calls use plan minutes for the voice portion of the calls and the video portion of the calls use data, which will apply against the allowance on your data plan, unless the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

    • Calls placed from a One Talk desk phone use a broadband internet connection to the Verizon network. These calls don’t use your plan minutes. They use data from your internet service provider (ISP), which is included in your monthly broadband service charges.

    • Calls placed from the One Talk Mobile App on a smartphone or tablet use data instead of minutes. These calls will apply against the allowance on your data plan, unless the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Advanced Q&A
  1. One Talk is a service upgrade providing many benefits. If you have HD Voice, you'll be upgraded to One Talk, and all the service features applied to your line will be replaced with new ones that activate the full potential of the new service.

  2. One Talk will work with your current 4G SIM card on your mobile device.

    Note: Desk phones don't require a SIM card.

  3. One Talk desk phones will be available through many of our business partners and a wide range of partners:

  4. One Talk desk phones require an Ethernet connection to plug in the Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable that is provided with the phone. These jacks and cables connect to your data router in your business and aren’t your typical phone service jack. The Ethernet cable will easily plug in to the correct jack and won't easily plug into an analog telephone jack.

    If there's only one Ethernet (internet) connection at the station where you plan to place the desk phone, then the internet line can be shared. Connect the cable from the router/modem splitter to the internet port on the back of the desk phone. Using another internet cable, connect the cable to the LAN jack on the computer, and the other end of the internet cable to the PC port on the desk phone.

    If these options won't meet your needs, you can contact your IT manager or we can recommend a professional installer, such as CompuCom Tech-Zone for your convenience.

  5. One Talk activation varies depending on the device.

    • Activating the service on an existing supported smartphone, the added functionality will be available within minutes of adding the feature to your account.

    • For desk phones with a new line of service, you'll typically receive your device in 48 hours. Once you connect in to an Ethernet port, the desk phone will go through a zero-touch provisioning process (which could take up to 10 minutes). The phone will register, and any new software updates will be downloaded. Once completed, the device will be ready to make and receive calls.

    • For the One Talk Mobile App, once the new number (or ported number) is provisioned and the user downloads the app, the user will need to request an authentication PIN through the app. The PIN will grant access to that particular device/app combination to register and obtain service.

    • If an existing telephone number is being ported from another carrier, the transition can take 2-10 days depending on the carrier. To ensure that you don’t experience any service outage during that period, please wait until the porting is completed before contacting you current provider to disconnect service.

  6. One Talk requires the following protocols and ports so that the devices have service and full functionality:

    One Talk Desk Phones

    Device Configuration

    • Protocol: https
    • Port: 443


    • Protocol: SIPTLS
    • Port: 5061

    Network Time

    • Protocol: NTP
    • Port: 123

    Note: NTP can be delivered by the customers DHCP server (option 42). If NTP is not delivered via DHCP, the fallback is to US NIST pool of time servers.

    One Talk Mobile Clients Registered via Wi-Fi

    Device Configuration/Authentication

    • Protocol: https
    • Port: 444

    911 Feature Provisioning

    • Protocol: https
    • Port: 443


    • Protocol: SIPTLS
    • Port: 443 and 5061

    Media (voice/video)

    • Protocol: SRTP
    • Port: any

  7. The best way to determine the readiness of your business is to use the One Talk Site qualification tool, which will allow you to perform three fundamental sets of tests to help determine the readiness of your location prior to deploying One Talk devices:

    • UDP Bandwidth
    • TLS Connectivity
    • RPT Service

Making One Talk Voice Calls
  1. To place a call on a One Talk Mobile App/Dialer:

    1. Find the One Talk icon on the Applications menu.
    2. Ingresa el número.
    3. Tap Send to call the other party.

  2. Yes. The One Talk Dialer can still make and receive voice calls using the One Talk service without data. The One Talk Mobile App requires data, and Wi-Fi can be used a substitute for mobile data. However, video calls can't be placed because they use the data connection.

  3. A One Talk voice call consumes approximately .5 MB per minute.

  4. In One Talk, a multi-party conference call is created by calling individuals one by one and adding them to the call:

    One Talk Enhanced Dialer and One Talk Mobile App

    1. While on a call, tap the New Line icon and call the next participant.
    2. When the participant answers, merge the participants by dragging the line currently on hold to the active line.

Making Video Calls (only applicable to video calling-capable mobile phones)
  1. A One Talk one-way voice/video call uses approximately 3.5 MB per minute.

    A One Talk two-way voice/video call uses approximately 6.6 MB per minute.

  2. To place video calls on One Talk:

    1. Enter the number on the Keypad tab (native or enhanced).
    2. After connecting, tap the Video Camera icon.

    If a call starts as a voice call, at any point during the conversation that call can be upgraded to a video call (as long as the other party has video calling capabilities on his/her device, denoted by an active Video icon on the phone display).

    Visita iOS Basic Dialer for available features.

  3. Ensure the device is connected using the Wi-Fi setting and not the 4G LTE connection.

    You can make a One Talk Wi-Fi call (Voice and/or Video) the same way you would on any video calling-capable mobile device:

    1. Enter a number with the phone dialer (native or enhanced).
    2. Tap the Video Camera icon on the dialer.

    If a call starts as a voice call, at any point during the conversation that call can be upgraded to a video (as long as the other party has video capabilities on his/her device, denoted by an active Video icon on the phone display).

  4. Yes. At any point during the conversation, using the One Talk Mobile App and Enhanced Dialer, a One Talk voice call can be upgraded to a video call (as long as the other party has video capabilities on their device, denoted by an active Video icon on the phone display).

  5. In One Talk, the address book in the device with a One Talk Enhanced Dialer and in the Mobile App will provide a visual representation (icon) of the contacts who have a One Talk and HD Voice device enabled for Video Calling. This visual representation will appear in the form of a "green highlighted" video icon.

Busy Lamp Field (Desk Phone Feature)
  1. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows One Talk desk phone users to monitor status and answer as many as 50 One Talk lines from a single desk phone. Once enabled, a single line appearance is presented for each monitored extension on the monitoring user's desk phone.

    The line appearance displays the state of the monitored extension's presence through the LED on the desk phone line key button. Multiple users can monitor the same extension. Users can answer an incoming call on the monitored extension using their line by pressing the BLF extension's line button when that extension is ringing. Users can make use of other calling features, such as transfer and conference to manage calls.

  2. To utilize the Busy Lamp Field feature, you must have compatible desk phones and access to the One Talk portal. Compatible desk phone models include the One Talk T46G/GW and T49G. In the One Talk portal, you must complete the following:

    1. Configure Busy Lamp Field using the One Talk portal.
    2. Enable Busy Lamp Field per device using the One Talk portal.

    Consulta los Busy Lamp Field Guide (PDF*) para más información.

    Note: Enabling Busy Lamp Field requires rebooting the desk phone. When the Busy Lamp Field is enabled, the desk phone will reboot automatically. If making changes to existing BLF lists or disabling the feature, you must manually reboot the desk phone to reflect the changes.

  3. Yes. You can still bridge a desk phone and enable Busy Lamp Field. The difference between the two features is that bridging allows you make outbound calls from the bridged / monitored line, while Busy Lamp Field only allows you to answer a monitored line when an incoming call is received. You can't initiate a call on a monitored line using Busy Lamp Field.

  4. Below is the recommended configuration when monitoring lines. The EXP40 Expansion Module is recommended for use with the T46G / GW as it provides a visual indication when monitoring lines.

    Desk Phone Model
    Compatible with BLF
    Compatible with EXP40 Recommended Device
    Recommended Combination
    Max Lines for Best Experience
    Max Lines Monitored
    One Talk Desk Phone T46G / GW
    Y Y T46G / T46GW are recommended for BLF / Line Monitoring usage cases.

    Note: The EXP40 provides an ability to view all monitored lines without having to paginate the line keys on the other pages of the desk phone screen.
    T46G / GW
    1-4 24
    T46G / GW + (1) EXP40
    1-20 44
    T46G / GW + (2) EXP40 21-40 50
    T46G / GW + (3) EXP40
    41-50 50
    One Talk Desk Phone T49G
    Y N Recommended for use when monitoring fewer than 20 lines from a touch screen display.

    Larger display allows for better viewing of monitored lines when BLF is enabled.
    T49G 20 20

Making Intercom Calls (One Talk Desk Phones)
  1. Using a compatible desk phone, One Talk subscribers can place direct calls from their One Talk extensions to other One Talk extensions. When the phone call connects to a receiving One Talk desk phone, the call is automatically answered by the speaker phone, allowing the parties to immediately begin a two-way conversation.

  2. The intercom feature must be enabled on each One Talk desk phone, even if multiple desk phones share the same phone number. If the Intercom feature is not enabled on a desk phone, Intercom calls are received as regular phone calls.

    For additional information, please check out Enable / Disable Intercom - Desk Phone - One Talk.

  3. Intercom line keys can be set up on the One Talk desk phone models T41p, T46G/GW and T49G. Open-link keys on the desk phone are utilized to set up Intercom on a line key. Intercom line keys can be created with or without an extension.

    For additional information, please check out Set Up Intercom Key - Desk Phone - One Talk.

    • Once enabled, Intercom can be set up and assigned to an open-line key on the compatible One Talk desk phone.
    • The Intercom-line key can be set up with or without an extension to be dialed immediately.

      Note: If no extension is configured during setup, when the Intercom line key button is pressed, an extension must be entered manually when attempting to make an Intercom call from that Intercom key.

    • Intercom calls (using extensions) can only be used for One Talk phone numbers in your business/group.

    Requirements for use:

    • An active One Talk desk phone (models T41P, T46G, T46GW, or T49G required)
    • Intercom feature enabled on each desk phone device by the end user
    • Intercom Line Key set up on compatible desk phone by the end user (assigning intercom on an open line key)

    For more information, please check out Use Intercom Key - Desk Phone - One Talk.

  4. Desk phones with Do Not Disturb (DND) enabled will not receive an Intercom call. If no other desk phones share the One Talk phone number, the Intercom call is directed to voicemail.
    • If there are additional desk phones sharing the same One Talk phone number (where DND is not enabled), those devices will receive the Intercom Call.

  5. If multiple desk phones share the same One Talk phone number with Intercom enabled on each desk phone, Auto Answer is not consistently handled by one phone or the other. One of the desk phones will automatically answer the call at random.

    Note: We recommend you disable other Intercom on specific desk phones sharing the line.

  6. Intercom will work on bridged lines, as long as the Intercom feature is enabled on each desk phone that is bridged.

    • If Intercom is not enabled on a desk phone, an incoming Intercom call displays as a regular incoming call on the remote desk phone.

    • If an Intercom call is placed and the remote desk phone is in use, the Intercom call displays as a normal call on the Next Available Line button and is not auto answered. The called party needs to decide whether to answer, as with any new incoming call.

    • Any user in the group can Intercom any other line in the group, but auto answer will only take place if the called party's phone has the feature enabled. There are no whitelisting or blacklisting extensions as part of the feature.

  7. Intercom calls do NOT have a standard ring similar to an incoming call. The desk phone will play a short BEEP sound and the Intercom call will be auto answered.

  8. The T41P, T46G, T46GW and T49G support Intercom calls.

Call Park & Retrieve (One Talk Desk Phones )
  1. Call Park is a form of call hold that allows the customer to assign or "park" an active call to another member's extension or 10-digit telephone number for retrieval within the same group. The call can also be retrieved by the person who parked the call. The caller hears music on hold, if enabled. Parking against your own extension then is just like placing a call on hold - with a ringback reminder.

    1. Press the Park button.
      Note: Line 2 is used when parking a call.
    2. You will hear a message stating, "Please dial the number where you want to park your call, followed by # or dial # to park the call against your number."
    3. Enter the extension or 10-digit phone number to park the call, followed by # or select # to park against your own extension.

    See also: Park / Retrieve Call - Desk Phone - One Talk

  2. The following One Talk desk phones support the Call Park and Retrieve feature.

    • T46GW IP desk phone
    • T46G IP desk phone
    • T49G IP desk phone
    • T41P IP desk phone
    • CP860 IP desk phone

  3. Select the Retrieve soft button on the desk phone to retrieve a call parked on your extension or phone number.

    1. You will receive audio and visual notification of the Parked Call.
      • The desk phone LCD screen displays notification that a call is parked and emits an audio beep every 15 seconds until the call is retrieved.
      • Notification is cancelled if you make an outbound call, receive an incoming call, or 45 seconds passes, and the call rings back to where it was parked from originally.
    2. Select the Retrieve soft button on the desk phone to retrieve the call.
      • The call can be retrieved by selecting the Retrieve soft key (or by dialing FAC **88 + extension)

    See also: Park / Retrieve Call - Desk Phone - One Talk

  4. No. Calls can only be parked on a One Talk phone number or extension in your group. You can't park a call to a non-One Talk phone number or an extension in another group.

  5. Yes. The desk phone LCD screen displays notification that a call is parked and emits an audio beep every 15 seconds until the call is retrieved.

    The notification is cancelled if you make an outbound call, receive an incoming call or 45 seconds passes.

  6. Only 1 call can be parked on any One Talk phone number at any time to another One Talk phone number or extension in your group. Attempts to park a second call (when 2 or more lines are in use) result in a fast busy tone.

  7. Yes. A call can be parked when using the One Talk Mobile App or Basic Dialer through the use of Feature Access Codes (FACs ).

    From an open line, dial FAC **25 Send, listen to the Auto Attendant and enter the extension or 10-digit MDN followed by #, or press # to park the call against your own number.

    Note: Basic Dialers and One Talk Mobile App users will NOT receive a notification in the app or smartphone when a call is parked to their extension or phone number.

  8. Yes. If it is known that a call is parked against your phone number or extension, a call can be retrieved through the use of Feature Access Codes (FACs) (PDF*).

    1. From an open line, dial FAC **88 + extension or 10 digit phone number.
    2. Oprime Send.

  9. A call stays parked for 45 seconds before ringing back to the One Talk phone number that parked the call, if not retrieved from the parked extension.

Music on Hold
  1. Music on Hold plays system or custom music to a caller when placed on "Hold" or when a call is "Parked". Music selections apply on a group-by-group basis, so make sure the desired group is selected.

  2. The Music on Hold feature can be enabled or disabled by the account administrator using the One Talk portal. The feature has to be enabled for each group within the account, so if multiple groups exist in your account, you'll have to enable the Music on Hold feature for each.

    1. From the One Talk Portal under Features, locate Music on Hold.
      • Ensure you are enabling or disabling the Music on Hold feature for the correct Group on your account.
      • The Group name is displayed next to the Overview menu in the One Talk portal.
    2. Determine if you want to use the System Selection or Upload custom music.
      • System Selection – plays a predefined musical playback for all callers when placed on hold or when a call is Parked
      • Custom music – plays an audio file that you upload for all callers when placed on hold or when a call is Parked
    3. Proceed to turn the feature "On".
      • System Selection – "Turn On" the feature by selecting the System Selection button, then click the Feature Settings button until it displays green and click Submit.
      • Upload legally usable custom music –You need to select Upload custom music, select the audio file from your PC, click the Feature Settings button until it displays green and click Submit.

  3. To record your own legally usable music or announcement, we recommend downloading and using the Broadsoft Recorder (searchable under that name from the Apple® App Store® or Google Play™ Store). The Broadsoft Recorder formats the recording for you, so it's simple to use.

    Alternatively, you can use other programs and applications such as to format existing Digital Rights Management (DRM) free audio files to the correct specifications.

    Make sure the resulting audio file meets the following criteria:

    WAV file format:

    • CCITT, u-law, or a-law codec
    • 8 kHz (sampling rate/frequency)
    • 8-bit mono
    • 5 MB or less total file size

  4. Music on Hold is enabled for each defined Group within the account.

    Example: If you only have 1 Group defined in the One Talk portal, Music on Hold will be enabled on all lines. If you have multiple Groups defined in the One Talk portal, the Music on Hold feature must be enabled for each group. (Group 1 enables Music on Hold and utilizes the default System Selection, Group 2 uses a custom audio file and Group 3 leaves the feature off.)

    Each group may utilize a different setting meaning either the default System Selection or a Custom Music File using the correct file format.

  5. The Music on Hold feature can be disabled for individual One Talk numbers in My Verizon.

    1. En Mi Verizon, hover over My Devices and select Manage One Talk.
    2. Locate Music on Hold in User Features, and toggle Music on Hold to Off.

    Note: Only One Talk Smartphone subscribers can only access it in My Verizon.

Solución de problemas
  1. Here are a few things to check that could be preventing you from making a call:

    • Is the device able to detect a signal (4G LTE, Wi-Fi)?
    • Has the line been suspended for any reason?
    • Is Broadband connectivity accessible to the desk phone?
    • Has the specific device been disabled?

  2. To request a new PIN to access the One Talk Mobile App:

    1. Launch the app.
    2. Enter the name of the device you're requesting access for.
    3. Tap the Request PIN button.

    The PIN will be emailed to the primary contact for the account and to the subscriber if there's an email address on file.

  3. During the desk-phone registration process, if the device is unable to contact the Verizon network for any reason, the phone will display a specific error message about why it’s unable to reach the provisioning system, along with a suggestion as to what would be the best corrective action to take.

  4. The Automated Receptionist "Extension Dialing" feature requires users to press "#" after the extension when dialing. The standard greeting does not currently prompt users to dial "#" after the extension. Therefore, you should add a custom greeting, and always prompt users to dial "#" after the extension.

  5. iPhone and FaceTime are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
    iOS es una marca comercial o marca registrada de Cisco en los EE. UU. y en otros países y se utiliza bajo licencia.
    © 2018 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. Samsung and Galaxy S are both trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Android, Pixel and Google are trademarks of Google Inc.
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