Preguntas frecuentes sobre la nueva página de inicio de Mi Verizon

Información general

  1. Why does the My Verizon Home page look different?

    El Inicio de Mi Verizon page has been redesigned to work better for you based on feedback from you, our customers.

    • The Home page and navigation have been streamlined and make it easier to find the account management tools you need.

    • The account details that you look for most, now appear first when you sign in to My Verizon. So you'll spend less time searching for the info you need.

    • The Notifications Center has been enhanced to provide you alerts and important information regarding your account.

    • Personalized offers will display to help you find great deals on the most popular devices and accessories.
  2. What's new on the My Verizon Home page?

    Visita la página Qué hay de nuevo en la página de inicio de Mi Verizon for details about the new enhancements.

  3. How do I get to other My Verizon pages from the new My Verizon Home page?

    You can use the Search field or gray navigation bar at the top of the Home page to access any page in My Verizon. The navigation is organized into these main sections:

    • Inicio de Mi Verizon
    • Mi facturación y uso
    • Mis Dispositivos
    • Mis servicios
    • Mi perfil
  4. Where are the usage bars that show how much of my minutes, text and data I've used and have left in this month's bill cycle?

    Larger and clearer usage meters are now in the My Plan section of the My Verizon Home page.

    Si te preocupan los excedentes de uso de data, considera usar Safety Mode en  nuevo Plan Verizon.

  5. What is in the My Bill section of the new My Verizon Home page?

    The My Bill section includes the:

    • Due date for your next bill
    • Total amount of your upcoming bill
    • Recent payments
    • Balance due
  6. What is in the My Plan section of the new My Verizon Home page?

    The My Plan section provides the most important plan, usage and billing information including:

    • Your plan name
    • Number of days left in the current bill cycle
    • Current data, voice and text usage
    • Links to the most popular tools for managing your plan
  7. Where is the My Usage section on the new My Verizon Home page?

    The details that were previously in the My Usage section have been relocated to the new My Plan section.

  8. Does the new My Verizon Home page display all the devices and phone numbers on my account?

    Yes, in the My Devices section, you'll see all your devices and their mobile numbers. Use the arrow buttons on the left and right to scroll through the rest of your devices if you have more.

  9. What is in the My Devices section of the new My Verizon Home page?

    The My Devices section provides important device-related details including:

    • Every device on your account and their mobile numbers
    • Quick access to your contract end date and upgrade eligibility date or device payment agreement
    • Resources for managing your devices
    • The most popular accessories for your device
  10. Where is the "I want to'" menu or Search bar on the new My Verizon Home page?

    Use the Search bar in the top right corner of all pages to find any My Verizon page. You can access any My Verizon page from anywhere on our website.