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Preguntas frecuentes sobre Mi Verizon para el servicio prepagado

Información general
  1. My Verizon for Prepaid is a secure online portal that helps you manage your prepaid account and device from anywhere.

    Learn more and find step-by-step instructions on how to use My Verizon for Prepaid on your computer.

  2. In My Verizon for Prepaid, you can:

    • Add funds to your prepaid account
    • Set up and manage Auto Pay
    • View your current usage detail for data, minutes and messages
    • Change your prepaid device
    • Cambiar tu número de móvil
    • Switch your prepaid plan
    • Add more high-speed Add On Data
    • Check your prepaid account balance
    • Ver tu historial de pagos
    • Review your prepaid plan details
    • Manage the features on your prepaid account (e.g., Caller ID Block, Ringback Tones, etc.)
    • Edit your personal profile, contact info and My Verizon sign-in details
    • Restablecer la contraseña de tus mensajes de voz

    Note: If you're an Account Member on a Prepaid Family Account, some of these options may not be available to you, like Auto Pay.

  3. For instructions on using My Verizon for Prepaid on a computer, refer to the My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  4. Yes, you can access My Verizon on a compatible smartphone and tablet with the My Verizon app.

    For more info, go to our Preguntas frecuentes sobre My Verizon app para servicio prepagado.

    Note: You can also use the browser on your smartphone or table to access My Verizon.

  5. Visita la Inscripción en Mi Verizon page and follow the steps to sign up.

  6. To sign in to My Verizon for Prepaid:

    1. Ve a la página My Verizon Sign-In página.

      Note: You can also tap or click the My Verizon tab at the top of any page on our website to sign in.

    2. Enter your prepaid mobile number and Password.

    3. Click Sign in.

      Note: You may be prompted to answer your security question if you're signing in on a device that hasn't been registered. This helps prevent your account from unauthorized use.

    You've successfully signed in to your My Verizon for Prepaid account.

  7. Yes, you'll find your prepaid account balance right on the home screen Feed in My Verizon for Prepaid.

  8. If you subscribe to Verizon Cloud, you can manage your contacts through the Verizon Cloud app on your compatible prepaid smartphone:

    If you have a basic phone, you can manage your contacts with Backup Assistant.

    Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Apple and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

  9. On many devices, you can set call and message blocks from within your Contact List. If there's a number you don't want calling or texting you, find that person in your contact list and turn on the block option. If the number you want to block isn't in your Contact List, you can add it and then block it. That number will be unable to call or text you.

    The steps to block a contact will vary by device. You can find step-by-step instructions in your Guía del usuario (you'll find the link at the top of the Device Support page for your device).

  10. You can block Caller ID and block messaging on the Funciones page in My Verizon for prepaid accounts.

  1. Visita la Agrega fondos page to add funds to your account using a debit card, credit card or a prepaid Refill Card in My Verizon for Prepaid.

    También puedes configurar Auto Pay to automatically add funds to your prepaid account each month.*

    For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Payment section in the My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

    *Not available for Account Members on a Prepaid Family Account.

  2. The following credit cards are accepted:

    • Visa®
    • MasterCard®
    • Discover®
    • American Express®

  3. Yes, when you make a payment with a new credit card in My Verizon for Prepaid, you can choose to save that card for future payments.

    For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Payments section of the My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  4. Visita la Programa pago autom. page in My Verizon for Prepaid to select your Auto Pay settings and enter your credit card details.

    For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Payments section of the My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  5. El Historial de pago page in My Verizon for Prepaid shows your payment activity for the past 18 months.

    You can see the following information for each transaction:

    • Date paid
    • Amount paid (including a breakdown of any taxes and surcharges)
    • Método de pago

    You can also print or email your payment history from this page.

  1. El Detalles de datos page in My Verizon will quickly show you how much data you have in your current bill cycle and what kind of data it is (e.g., monthly allowance, Carryover Data, etc.).

    For more detailed usage information, go to the Uso página.

  2. You can view the following usage types in My Verizon for Prepaid

    • Data: Amount of MB / GB you've used
    • Voice: Number of minutes you've spent on calls
    • Messages: Number of text messages you've sent or received

Plan y data
  1. To purchase more high-speed data (also called a Data Boost) instead of using reduced speeds of Always-On Data:

    1. Ve a la página Agregar datos page in My Verizon for Prepaid.
    2. Select how much data you want.
    3. Tap or click Add Data.

    You've successfully added more high-speed data to your account.

  2. Visita la Change Your Prepaid Plan page to change your plan and add data to your account.

    Para ver las instrucciones paso a paso, consulta la sección My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  3. Your plan details are available on the Mi Plan page in My Verizon for Prepaid.

  1. Visita la Funciones page to manage your features and add new ones in My Verizon for Prepaid.

    Para ver las instrucciones paso a paso, consulta la sección My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  1. Yes, you can change your device on the Cambiar dispositivo page in My Verizon for Prepaid.

    Para ver las instrucciones paso a paso, consulta la sección My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  2. Yes, go to the Res. contraseña de mensajes de voz page to change your voicemail password.

    Para ver las instrucciones paso a paso, consulta la sección My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  3. Yes, go to the Cambia el número de móvil page in My Verizon for Prepaid.

    Para ver las instrucciones paso a paso, consulta la sección My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  1. Yes, you can edit your personal profile, contact information and My Verizon sign-in details on the Configuraciones page in My Verizon for Prepaid.

    For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Settings section in the My Verizon for Prepaid How to Use Guide.

  2. Yes, you can change your My Verizon sign-in and security info on the Configuraciones página.

  3. Your greeting name is what appears in the gray welcome bar at the top of My Verizon when you sign in.

    When you first sign in, your greeting name will be your prepaid mobile number. The greeting will read, "Welcome, (555) 123-4567." You can change your greeting name on the Change Greeing Name page of My Verizon for Prepaid.

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