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  1. What is the My Verizon app and how do I use it?

    The My Verizon app lets you manage your account 24/7 right from your prepaid smartphone or tablet, including:

    • Realizar pagos
    • Configurar
    • Consultar tu uso y saldo
    • Add more high-speed Add On Data
    • Cambiar tu plan
    • Administrar tus funciones
    • Actualizar las configuraciones del perfil
    • Ver tu historial de pagos
    • Actualizar tu dispositivo

    Note: If you're on an older prepaid plan or if you're an Account Member on a Prepaid Family Account, some of the account management options listed above may not be available to you.

    Find step-by-step instructions for all account management options on our How to Use the My Verizon App for Prepaid página.

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  2. How much does the My Verizon app for prepaid cost?

    The My Verizon app is included with your prepaid service for no additional charge.

    Se pueden aplicar cargos de data por descarga y uso.

  3. What devices are compatible with the My Verizon app for prepaid?

    The My Verizon app is available for iPhone® and most Android™ smartphones.

  4. How do I get the My Verizon app for prepaid?

    If the My Verizon app isn't already in your Apps menu, you can search for "My Verizon" in your phone's app store:

    Then tap on the My Verizon app in the search results and download it.

    To sign in, you'll need to enter your prepaid mobile number and My Verizon Password. If you're not registered for My Verizon, tap I need to register on the app sign-in screen and follow the steps to create your account.

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