Premium Visual Voicemail Caller Greeting - LG

  1. If applicable, access Buzón de Voz Visual.
  2. From the Visual Voicemail Inbox, tap Menu (located in bottom-right).
  3. Oprime Configuración.
  4. Tap Set caller dependent greetings.
  5. Selecciona un grupo.
  6. Tap Menu then tap Add members.
  7. Select the preferred contacts then tap Done.
    Linote El contacto estará seleccionado cuando el casillero esté marcado.
  8. Oprime Guardar.
  9. Tap Menu then tap Edit greeting.
  10. Tap Record to begin recording the greeting.
  11. When appropriate, tap Stop to discontinue recording.
  12. To review the message, tap Play.
    Nota To re-record the message before sending, tap Re-record and tap Yes then repeat step 9.
  13. Oprime Next.
  14. Oprime Guardar.


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