Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®) Server Settings - Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro

To configure corporate email server settings (e.g., password, Exchange server, etc.), follow these steps.

Nota Contact the Exchange / IT Administrator for assistance with server information and credentials.

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Ícono de la aplicación > Email.
  2. Toca el icono Menú Vertical Menu icon (ubicado en la esquina superior derecha).
  3. Oprime Configuración.
  4. Tap the Exchange account.
  5. Tap Password.
  6. Enter the password then tap OK.
  7. Tap More settings (located at the bottom).
  8. Tap Exchange server settings.
  9. Configure the appropriate info (e.g., Domain\username, Exchange server, etc.) then tap Done.

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