Ver medidor de almacenamiento/actualizar memoria - Verizon Cloud - Sitio web

  1. From a web browser, visit Mis medios y contactos en el cloud.
  2. Linote My Plan and Services is located at the top of the page.
  3. View the amount of storage used.
    View Storage Meter
  4. To change the amount of storage space, click Settings.
    Linote Only the account owner or manager with full access privileges can upgrade storage.
    Haz clic en Settings
  5. Select a plan by clicking Upgrade Now under the appropriate plan.
    Nota Available options may vary depending on your account type.
    • 500 GB (Large Plan)
    • 1 TB (X-Large Plan)
    Click Upgrade Now
  6. Confirm the selection then click OK.
    Haz clic en OK
  7. Haz clic en OK.