Verizon Smart Family™ - Android™ - Descargar e instalar la aplicación complementaria

Nota Notas:

  • The Companion app requires Android OS 5.x (or higher).
  • Para seguir los pasos que aparecen a continuación, necesitas:
    • tener acceso a los dispositivos para padres e hijos.
    • asegurarte de que la aplicación Smart Family esté instalada en el dispositivo de los padres.
    • iniciar sesión en la aplicación con una identificación de usuario de Mi Verizon o un número de móvil que tenga privilegios de acceso para el propietario o el administrador de la cuenta.  
    • ensure content filtering is agregado to the child account.
    • be signed in to a Google account to download the app.


  1. From the appropriate child device, locate the Verizon Smart Family text message then tap the accompanying link.
    Nota If necessary, you can re-send the text using the parent device as follows:
    1. Open the Smart Family app.
    2. Select the appropriate family member from the top row of contacts (multiple may appear).
    3. From the Manage controls sections, tap Content filters.
    4. Tap Resend (at the bottom).
  2. From the Play Store app, tap Install.
    Nota Espera algunos minutos para que se complete la descarga e instalación.
  3. To pair with the parent device:
    1. Oprime OPEN.
    2. From the Companion app, tap Show me how or Pair now.
    3. If presented with the tutorial screen, tap Got it.
    4. From the Accessibility screen, tap Smart Family Companion.
      Nota If necessary, exit the app then navigate: Settings > Accessibility from a Home screen.
      Nota If a message is displayed advising that you can't disable it, permissions are already on. No further action is needed and you can skip the remaining steps.
    5. Tap the switch to turn on.
    6. To confirm, review the info then tap OK.