Verizon Messages - Apple® iPhone® - Message Settings

Nota Notas:

  • Turn off iMessage to make all your messages available in Message+: From the Home screen, navigate: Settings > Messages. Tap the iMessage switch to turn the switch off.
  • Asegúrate de que tus apps are up to date ya que los siguientes pasos se aplican a la versión más actual.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Verizon Messages app (Message+) Ícono de Verizon Messages.
    Nota Para buscar la aplicación, puede ser necesario que tengas que deslizar el dedo hacia la izquierda o derecha en la pantalla de inicio.
  2. Tap the Settings icon Oprime Settings (ubicado en la parte inferior derecha).
  3. Observa Device name y Phone number.
    Observa Device name y Phone number
  4. To enable or disable Auto reply, tap Auto Reply.
    Linote Consulta Manage Auto Reply - Verizon Messages para obtener ayuda.
    oprime Auto Reply
  5. Tap Manage Devices to stop sharing text messages with another device.
    Linote Consulta Ver/desconectar dispositivos conectados - Verizon Messages para obtener ayuda.
    Tap Manage Devices
  6. Perform the preferred option(s):
    • To see what new features have been added to the app, tap What's New.
      oprime What
    • To review the Terms and Conditions, tap Terms and Conditions.
      Oprime Terms and Conditions
    • To review the Privacy Policy, tap Privacy and Policy.
      oprime Privacy and Policy
    • To see helpful information on using Verizon Messages, tap Tips and Reminders.
      oprime Tips and Reminders

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