Verizon Messages - Apple® iPhone® - Download and Install App

Nota Notas:


  1. En la pantalla de inicio, oprime App Store.
    Pestaña App Store
  2. Tap Search tab.
    Oprime Search
  3. Tap the Search field and enter verizon messages then tap Search.
    Oprime Search
  4. Toca Obtener.
    Nota If presented, tap the Download icon.
    Tap Get
  5. Si se te solicita, oprime Use existing Apple ID.
  6. Ingresa la identificación de Apple y la contraseña y luego oprime OK.
    Nota La identificación de Apple es la dirección de correo electrónico asociada con la cuenta.
  7. Once the app has completed the downloading and installing process, tap Open.
    Nota You can also locate the app by sliding finger left or right on the home screen.
    Oprime Open
  8. Tap Allow to give permission for Verizon Messages to send you notifications.
    Tap Allow
  9. Tap Start Messaging.
    Tap Start Messaging
  10. Tap OK to give permission for Verizon Messages to access your contacts.
    Oprime OK
  11. Enter the 10-digit Verizon Wireless mobile number that the device is to be paired with then tap Send Code.
    Tap Send Code
  12. Tap OK to give permission for Verizon Messages to access your Camera.
    Oprime OK
  13. Open the message received on your device with the link.
  14. From the message, tap the link.
    Nota Allow time for phone to verifiy QR code.
    Oprime el enlace
  15. Oprime Open.
    Oprime Open
  16. From the 'Welcome' screen, select 'No, I don't want to make a public profile' or ' Yes, I want to make a public profile'.
    Select profile type
  17. If prompted with the What's New screen, review the new features then tap Close.
    Oprime Close
  18. Tap an option to enter a Emergency 911 address and turn on Integrated Calling:
    • Later
    • Actualizar ahora
      1. Either tap Locate Me to use your current location or enter an address.
        • If Locate Me is selected tap Allow to give Verizon Messages permission to access your location.
      2. Tap Save (upper right).
    Selecciona una opción


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