Move Pictures / Videos from Device - DROID RAZR HD / RAZR MAXX HD by MOTOROLA

This helps when you want to transfer or move your picture/video files between your device and a computer/PC.

Solo se pueden transferir videos sin DRM o sin proteger a través de este método.

Nota Notas:


  1. Conecta el dispositivo a una computadora usando el cable USB provisto.
    1. If necessary, touch and hold the status bar (located at the top) then drag to the bottom.
    2. Tap Connected as a camera / mass storage.
    3. Tap Media device (MTP).
      Nota Seleccionado cuando haya una marca de verificación.
  2. Inicia Windows Explorer.
    Nota Using the computer keyboard, press Windows+E ( logo de la tecla windows+E) keys.
    Nota Alternatively, right-click Start then click Explore.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, navigate: DROID RAZR HD > Internal Storage.
    Nota If an SD card is present, music files can be transferred to that location by navigating: DROID RAZR HD > SD card.
  4. Utilize the computer to copy video or picture files from the following folders into the desired folder(s) on the computer's hard drive:
    • DCIM\Camera
    • Download
    • Movies
    • Pictures
  5. Desconecta el cable USB de la computadora.


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