Managing XML Connections - Enterprise Messaging (EMAG)

  1. Entra a Mensajería empresarial.
  2. From the left navigation menu hover over 'APIs' then click Connections.
    Nota To view the navigation menu, click the red tab dotted tab.
    API connections
  3. Click the XML tab.

    Create Connection
    Modify Connection
    Delete Connection


Create Connection

  1. Click Add new.
    Click new
  2. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., Fixed code, VASPID, VASID, Telematics, Return URL, etc.) then click Add.
    nota Authentication for XML connections in EMAG is done based on the incoming IP, VASPID (userid) and VASID (password).
    Enter XML info




Modify Connection

  1. From the XML connections screen, click the desired XML connection Userid (located on the left side).
    click the Userid
  2. Modify the settings (e.g., Fixed code, Userid, Password, etc.) as desired then click Update.
    Update XML connection




Delete Connection

From the XML connections screen, locate the connection then click Remove icon Ícono Delete (far-right).
Nota If presented, click Remove.