Apple® iPad® - Manage iCloud® Backup Options

Nota iCloud requirements:

  • iPhone with iOS 5 or later
  • Mac computer with OS X Lion or later
  • PC with Windows Vista or later
  • Outlook 2007 or later

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings Ícono Settings.
  2. Tap the Apple profile at the top of the Settings menu.
    iCloud profile
  3. Oprime iCloud.
    Nota Si se te solicita, ingresa la identificación de Apple y la contraseña y luego oprime Iniciar sesión.
  4. Tap the desired switch (e.g., Mail, Contacts, etc.) to turn on Interruptor activado o desactivar Interruptor desactivado.
    Nota When switch is turned on, data is backed up.
  5. Si se te indica, selecciona una de las siguientes opciones:
    • Delete from My iPhone
    • Keep on My iPhone
  6. Tap the iCloud Backup switch to to turn on or off.
  7. Tap Back Up Now to immediately add or remove the data.
    Nota Una Conexión Wi-Fi is needed to start a backup.

Nota Notas:

  • Some features/services require a Wi-Fi connection, aren't available in all countries and access is limited to 10 devices.
  • Para más información, consulta Administrar almacenamiento de iCloud.