Emparejar dispositivos - Verizon Messages - Android®

Nota Notas:

  • To receive messages sent to your smartphone on your tablet both devices must have Message+ installed.
  • Asegúrate de que tus apps are up to date ya que los siguientes pasos se aplican a la versión más actual.


  1. Asegúrate de que Message+ is installed on your tablet.
  2. Launch Message+ Verizon Message Icon from your tablet.
  3. Tap Start Messaging.
    Tap Start Messaging
  4. Enter the 10-digit mobile number of the smartphone to be paired with then tap Next (located upper-right).
    Nota The security code is sent to the smartphone.
    Oprime Next
  5. Enter the security code into the tablet then tap Save (located upper-right).
    Oprime Save
  6. Enter a name then tap Save (located upper-right).


Nota For additional info on Verizon Messages (Message+), check out these Preguntas.