Alcatel GO FLIP™ V - Set Date and Time

  1. En la pantalla principal, selecciona Menu.
    Nota Utiliza el dispositivo de navegación de 5 direcciones para resaltar y el botón OK para marcar tu selección.
    5-way Navigation Pad
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Selecciona Phone Settings.
  4. Scroll down then select Date & time.
  5. To use network-provided values, select the following to turn on:
    • Auto-date & time
    • Auto-time zone
  6. If manually setting date and time, perform the following steps:
    Nota Auto-date & time and auto-time zone settings must be turned off to manually adjust the date and time.
    1. Select Set date.
    2. Adjust the date then select OK.
    3. Select Set time.
    4. Adjust the time then select OK.
    5. Select Select time zone then choose a time zone.
    6. If desired, select Time format then select an option:
    • 12 hour
    • 24 hour