moto 5G - View Signal Strength

Nota  Notas:

  • The moto 5G mod is compatible with the following devices:
    • moto z3
    • moto z4
  • The 5G indicator only displays while in an active 5G data session.
  • The 5G UWB (Ultra Wideband) indicator may not display if using 'Battery saver' modelímites de data or when datos está desactivado.
  • For more info on the moto 5G mod refer to these Preguntas.

From the status bar, view the network indicator and signal bars Ícono de barras de señal (esquina superior derecha).
Status bar with signal indicator_

The Network Indicator status may change depending on coverage.

  • 4G LTE: Verizon Wireless / Any carrier
  • 5G: mod attached on 5G / Any carrier
  • 5G UWB: mod attached on 5G UWB / Verizon Wireless only


Another way to check your signal is to navigate to:

  1. Configuraciones Ícono Settings > Connected devices Dispositivos conectados > Moto Mods > About this Moto Mod.
  2. Tap SIM Status to view the ICCID (SIM Card ID).
    • Mod icon (upper-left)
    • Signal icon (upper-right)
    • Network state - UWB for 5G
      Sim status 5G UWB


Nota For additional support, check out this interactive demo.

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