Verizon Jetpack® MiFi® 8800L - Change the Wi-Fi Password

This applies to changing the password used to connect to your Verizon Jetpack via Wi-Fi, not the Administration Password which is used to sign in to the device web interface to manage settings (e.g. network name, passwords, etc.).

  1. Accede a la Admin Web Interface (http://my.jetpack).
  2. Click Sign In (located in the upper-right) then enter the Admin password.
    Nota By default the Wi-Fi and Admin passwords are the same.
  3. Click Wi-Fi.
  4. From the Wi-Fi screen, click Primary Network or Guest Network.
    Nota Primary and Guest Networks can have different passwords.
    Change Wi-Fi password
  5. Enter the desired Wi-Fi password into the 'Password' field.
    Nota La contraseña debe tener al menos 8 caracteres.
    Nota Alternatively, click Generate New Key to auto-create a new password.
  6. Haz clic en Save Changes (ubicado en la parte inferior derecha).
    Nota Enter the new password on your device (e.g., laptop, tablet, etc.) to reconnect to Wi-Fi.