moto 5G - Set Up Device

  1. Attach the Verizon 5G moto mod.
    Nota To attach the moto mod, match the connectors on back of the device to the connectors on the Mod.
    Nota The 5G moto mod magnetically attaches to the moto z3 phone.
    attach moto mod
  2. If powered off, press and hold the Power button until the moto logo appears. 
  3. To continue, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the tutorial then tap GOT IT.
    Nota The activation screen briefly appears.
    activation screen
  4. From the 'Just a little longer screen', press CLOSE to return to main screen or wait until activation is complete.
    activation screen
  5. From the 'Your Moto 5G is ready!' screen, tap GOT IT.
    Nota When powered on, you'll see 'Moto 5G, Starting up...'.
    5G start up
  6. Continue to wait until you see 'Connected' (lower-center).
    5G connected


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