Activate Basic Visual Voicemail - RED

Nota Notas:

  • Solo Basic Voicemail is available for devices active on prepaid plans.
  • If Visual Voicemail is turned off from the Settings screen, messages and Google transcripts within the app are deleted. Copies still saved in your Verizon voicemail box are not affected.


  1. From a Home screen tap Phone Ícono de teléfono en la pantalla de inicio.
    Nota If unavailable, swipe up from a Home screen then tap Phone.
  2. Tap the Voicemail icon Ícono de mensaje de voz (lower-right).
    Nota If unavailable, navigate: Phone > Menu icon Action overflow icon (upper-right) > Settings > Voicemail then tap the Visual Voicemail switch Icono On para activar.
  3. From the setup screen, tap Turn on.
    Pantalla de bienvenida


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