Precaución Esta función administra las aplicaciones para pagos. The 'Tap & pay' option does not apply to Android Beam and won't include certain apps such as money transfer apps.

Nota Notas:

  • When NFC is turned on, you can use the 'Tap & pay' feature to pay for items just by touching your phone to a reader at a checkout register. If your device doesn't have a payment app, you can browse Google Play™ to instalar one.
  • To use Tap & pay, NFC must be encendido.


  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.
  2. Oprime Settings Ícono Settings.
  3. Tap the Search settings field (at the top) then enter tap.
  4. Select Tap & pay.
    Nota Todas las carpetas activadas se agregarán en "Tap & pay".
  5. Tap Payment default then select the preferred wallet.
    Nota If multiple wallets are activated, a user can at any point change the default by going to 'Tap & pay' and updating the selection.