RED HYDROGEN ONE - Format SD / Memory Card

Precaución Este procedimiento borra todos los datos de la tarjeta de memoria. Se recomienda realizar una copia de seguridad de los datos.

Nota To perform the steps below, ensure the SD / Memory card esté insertada.

  1. Ensure that your smartphone isn't connected to a computer via the USB cable.
  2. From a Home screen, swipe up from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
  3. Navigate: Settings Ícono Settings > Storage.
  4. From the 'Portable storage' section, tap the name of the SD / Memory Card.
    Nota The name varies depending upon the type of card used.
  5. Oprime el ícono Menu Ícono de menú (esquina superior derecha).
  6. Tap Storage settings.
  7. Tap Format.
  8. Review the disclaimer then tap ERASE & FORMAT.
    Nota Allow several seconds for the process to complete.