KYOCERA DuraForce PRO 2 - Remove SD / Memory Card

Precaución Don't remove the SD / Memory Card with the device powered on because it may harm the card and/or the device.

  1. Asegúrate de que el teléfono esté apagado.
  2. With the display facing down, open the SIM/microSD card slot cover (left side of phone).
    Quita la cubierta
  3. Remove the tray by hooking your fingernail and pulling on the top edge of the tray.
    remove tray
  4. Remove SD / Memory Card, careful not to touch the gold contacts.
    Nota Si corresponde, consulta Insert SD / Memory Card.
    remove SD / Memory Card
  5. Insert the tray into the phone, being careful not to let the card slide out. Then gently push the tray in until it clicks.

    insert tray
  6. After the tray is back in the phone, securely close the card slot cover.
    Advertencia Make sure the SIM/microSD slot cover is properly sealed to maintain the phone's waterproof capability.
    close door

Nota Notas:

  • Este dispositivo admite tarjetas de memoria microSD (TransFlash). Las tarjetas de memoria se pueden comprar en cualquier tienda de Verizon Wireless o en la tienda por internet.
  • Consulta este demo interactivo para obtener más información.