KYOCERA DuraForce PRO 2 - Add a Speed Dial

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Phone icon Phone icon (lower-left).
    Nota If unavailable, navigate: Apps icon Ícono de la aplicación > Phone Phone icon.
  2. Tap the DIALPAD tab (upper-left).
  3. Oprime el ícono Menu Oprime Menu (esquina superior derecha).
  4. Tap Speed dial setup.
  5. Tap the Add icon Add Icon (esquina superior derecha).
  6. In the 'Speed dial number' field, enter a speed dial location.
  7. In the 'Assigned contact' section, tap Unassigned.
  8. Oprime un contacto.
    Nota If the contact contains multiple numbers, tap the applicable number.
  9. Tap SAVE.


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