Apple® iPhone® - Doble SIM con una eSIM - Etiquetar plan móvil

Nota Notas:

  • The steps below apply to the following devices:
    • iPhone XS / XS Max
    • iPhone XR
  • For additional Dual SIM info, check out this Artículo Apple.


  1. En la pantalla de inicio, ve a: Settings Configuraciones > Cellular.
  2. From the 'CELLULAR PLANS' section, tap the number you wish to label.
    Nota This option is only available when both the physical SIM card and eSIM are activated.
    Tap Desired Cellular Plan
  3. Tap Cellular Plan Label.
    Tap Cellular Plan Label
  4. Choose one of the following options:
    • Negocios
    • Data móvil
    • Personal
    • Principal
    • Secundaria
    • Viajes
    • Custom Label (Type a name or number in the box)