Verizon Jetpack® MiFi® 8800L - GPS over Wi-Fi

Nota Notas:

  • El GPS a través de Wi-Fi permite que el dispositivo MiFi proporcione stream de GPS (NMEA) a una computadora con Mac o Windows.
    • Esto solo resulta útil al usar una aplicación capacitada para utilizar stream de NMEZ GPS (por ejemplo, Microsoft Streets & Trips, etc.)
  • To utilize GPS over Wi-Fi, a driver must be installed on the computer.

  1. Accede a la Admin Web Interface.
  2. From the menu, click Jetpack Settings.
  3. Click GPS (upper-right).
  4. If necessary, click the GPS switch to turn on.
    Nota If prompted, read the disclaimer info then tap Confirm to continue.
  5. If desired, click the Turn GPS off when the Jetpack restarts switch to turn on or off.
  6. Click the Turn on GPS over Wi-Fi switch to turn on or off.
    Nota If needed click Download GPS over Wi-Fi Drivers and follow step-by-step instructions to install drivers on the connected Windows device.
  7. If applicable, enter the port number.
    Nota Typically the port number should not be changed.
  8. Once location is acquired, you can view the following:
    • Latitude
    • Longitud
    • Altitude
    • Accuracy
    • Map or Satelite view of location

Nota If GPS over Wi-Fi (NMEA) is enabled, launch the GPS-enabled app on the Windows computer then configure it to utilize a NMEA port or GPS receiver.
Nota Consulta el menú de ayuda de la aplicación o solicita asistencia al desarrollador de la aplicación.
Nota Once the app has found the NMEA port / GPS receiver, it shows 'Searching/Waiting for your location' until a GPS fix is obtained then displays the current GPS location.