Samsung Galaxy Watch - Replace Existing Device

Nota Notas:

  • Currently, the Galaxy Watch doesn't work with any Apple® iPhone®.
  • These steps only apply when upgrading or replacing an existing NumberShare device. If this Samsung Galaxy Watch is the first NumberShare device to share this number, follow the instructions in the Samsung Galaxy Watch - Set Up Cellular Service article.


  1. During the pairing and setup process, from the 'Mobile service for your watch' screen, tap Next in the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.
    Mobile service for your watch
  2. Enter your username to sign in to the My Verizon app.
    Nota If you haven't registered your mobile number for use on the My Verizon app, tap the I Need to Register button and follow the prompts.
    Nota To activate service, you must sign in as an account owner or manager. For more on account roles, review this info.
    My Verizon sign in
  3. Ingresa tu contraseña.
    Nota Once you sign in, the system performs checks to see if you are on a compatible price plan.
    Nota An error displays if your price plan is not eligilble for NumberShare; for more info on compatible plans, visit the NumberShare FAQs.
    My Verizon Mobile login
  4. Tap Replace an existing device.
    Add or replace device
  5. At the 'Replace this device' prompt, tap Replace.
    Nota If you have multiple devices sharing your number, select the device you want to replace and tap Continue then tap Replace to confirm.
    Replace device prompt
  6. Provide a 911 address then tap Continue.
    Nota Ensure the state is abbreviated (e.g., New York is entered as NY).
    Provide e911 address
  7. From the 'Device Replaced' screen, tap OK.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete a quick tour of the watch.
  9. Tap the Blue checkmark when the 'All Done!' screen appears.


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