5G Home Router 1A - Parental Controls / Time Blocks

5G Home Internet service is currently offered in specific areas; haz clic aquí to check for 5G coverage availability.

NotaTambién puedes set up parental controls or time blocks from your My Verizon app.

  1. Entra al Admin WebGUI.
    Nota You must be connected to the 5G Home Internet network to access the admin page.
  2. From the Settings panel, click the Arrow icon Ícono de flecha derecha.
    Router Home screen
  3. From the Router menu, click Parental Controls.
  4. Click the Schedules tab then click Create new schedule.
    Nota If presented with a tutorial, click Next then click Create new schedule.
    Router Parental Controls existing schedules sceen.
  5. From Create New Schedule, enter the desired schedule options then click Save schedule.
    Router Parental Controls sceen.
  6. Click the Devices tab.
  7. From Devices, click the Schedule dropdown Icono de menú desplegable for the appropriate device, select the desired schedule, then click Save Changes.
    Nota Schedules displayed are configured from the Schedules tab.
    Router Parental Controls devices sceen.