Verizon 5G Home Router 1A - Change Guest Wi-Fi Name / Password

Verizon 5G Home service is currently offered in specific areas; haz clic aquí to check for 5G coverage availability.

NotaTambién puedes share Wi-Fi with a guest from your My Verizon app.

  1. Entra al Admin WebGUI.
    Nota You must be connected to the 5G Home network to access the admin page.
  2. From the Wi-Fi panel, click the Arrow icon Ícono de flecha derecha.
    Router Home screen
  3. From Wi-Fi, click the Guest Network tab.
  4. From Settings, select any of the following to view or change security options:
    • Guest network name (SSID)
    • Security (i.e., None, WPA2-Personal PSK(AES), WPA /WPA2 Mixed Mode)
    • Contraseña
      Nota Password must be 8-63 characters and is case sensitive.
      Nota Click the View icon View password icon to display the current password.
      Nota Alternatively, click Generate new password to have a password chosen for you.
      Precaución Si cambias la contraseña de Wi-Fi, deben actualizarse las configuraciones de red de la computadora. Para obtener ayuda, selecciona el sistema operativo correspondiente.
    • Broadcast guest network name (SSID)
      Nota Broadcast is enabled when a check mark Ícono de la casilla de verificación está presente.
    5G Home Wi-Fi settings with emphasis on guest network selection
  5. Click Save changes (at the bottom).