5G Home Router 1A - Change the Admin Password

5G Home Internet service is currently offered in specific areas; haz clic aquí to check for 5G coverage availability.

Nota This info doesn't apply to changing the password used to connect to your Router via Wi-Fi. The admin password is used to sign in to the router's web interface to manage advanced settings (e.g. network name, network password, etc.).

  1. Entra al Admin WebGUI.
    Nota You must be connected to the 5G Home Internet network to access the admin page.
  2. From the Router Home screen, click the Dropdown arrow (upper-right) then click Change Password.
    Router Home screen
  3. From Change Admin Password, enter the the appropriate password into the following fields:
    Nota The password must be 8-32 characters.
    • Current Admin Password
    • New Admin Password
    • Confirm New Admin Password
  4. Select the appropriate security question and enter the desired answers then click Save changes.
    5G Home admin password change page