5G Home Router 1A - View Battery Info

Especificaciones de la batería

  • Up to 2 hours 'Usage Time'
  • Up to 1 day 'Stand by Time'


Lo esencial sobre la batería

  • Replace the batteries every six months or after a power outage. When the batteries are at a critically low level (10% or less), the LED blinks red.
  • 'Talk Time' and 'Stand by Time' vary by the quality of AA batteries used.
  • Data is not available while the router is running on backup batteries.
  • Keep your battery and the contact terminals clean. The contacts can easily be cleaned with a pencil eraser.
  • Utiliza la batería. En lo posible, evita dejar que permanezca inactiva durante períodos prolongados de tiempo.


Additional batteries can be purchased from any store selling AA batteries.