5G Home Router 1A - Restore Settings to Factory Defaults

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Precaución Precaución:

  • A reset to factory default deletes all changes made to the configuration and connected clients (e.g., Network Name (SSID), Wi-Fi/Admin Password, etc.) need to reconnect.
  • When resetting your router, connected devices are unable to use the Wi-Fi network until the router reboots.


Admin WebGUI



  1. From the bottom of the router, locate the Reset hole.
  2. Insert a paper clip then press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds with the router powered on.
    Nota Si se realizó una copia de seguridad antes del restablecimiento, realiza un restablecimiento si lo deseas.
    Verizon 5G Home Router bottom with emphasis on Reset button




Admin WebGUI

  1. Entra al Admin WebGUI.
    Nota You must be connected to the 5G Home Internet network to access the admin page.
  2. From the Settings panel, click the Arrow icon Ícono de flecha derecha.
    Router Home screen
  3. From Settings, click the Backup and Restore tab then click Restore factory defaults.
    5G Home system settings Backup & Restore page
  4. From the prompt, click Restore factory defaults.
    Nota If a backup was done prior to the reset, you can restore your router settings.
    5G Home restore to factory defaults confirmation




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