Google Pixel 3 - Create and Send a Text Message

Nota If Messages are disabled, ensure Messages is set as the aplicación predeterminada.

  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.
  2. Tap Messages Messages app icon.
  3. From the Inbox, tap Start chat (lower-right).
    Nota If necessary, tap the Back icon Back navigation icon (bottom-left) to navigate to the Inbox.
  4. En el campo "To", ingresa un número de móvil de 10 dígitos o el nombre de un contacto.
    Nota As the number or contact is entered, a matching contact may appear and can be selected at any time
    Nota Para agregar un archivo adjunto:
    1. Tap the Add icon Add Attachment icon (on the left of the text box).
    2. Locate then select the appopriate attachment.
      Nota If necessary, select the attachment type (e.g., emoji, camera, gallery, location, etc.) located at the bottom.
  5. From the 'Text message' field, enter a message.
  6. Tap the SMS icon Ícono Send (on the right) to send.