View Control Panel Tabs - GizmoHub App - Apple® iPhone®

Nota Notas:

  • Ensure the GizmoHub app is actualizado to the most recent version.
  • For more info on the GizmoHub 3.0 app, refer to GizmoHub FAQ's.


The GizmoHub app has 4 main tabs that may be accessed by tapping one of the following: 

Panel de control


Dashboard Tab

The 'Dashboard' tab displays the following:

  • Location on the map
  • Steps or activity level
  • The To-Do list - both completed and non-completed task. 
  • Calls - both incoming and outgoing. 
  • GizmoWatch battery info.
  • Phone icon to call GizmoWatch. 
  • The text messages between you and your child. 
  • Notifications such as:
    • All notifications
    • Actividad
    • Gizmo status
    • Llamadas
    • Ubicación
    • To-Do
    • Invitation




Kids Tab


The 'Kids' tab displays the following:

  • Child info - age, birth month, year, gender, etc.
  • Location alerts
  • Saved Locations
  • Pasos
  • To-Do List
  • Contactos
  • Gizmos




Pestaña Contactos

The 'Contacts' tab allows you to manage, add or edit contacts. 




More Tab

The 'More' tab displays the following:

  •  Dispositivos
    • Administrar dispositivos
  • Perfil de la cuenta
    • Mi perfil
    • Remove Security PIN
    • Change security PIN number
  • Niños
    • Add a child
  • Ayuda
    • Preguntas
    • Share Feedback
    • Turn On Guide
  • Varios
    • Terms & Privacy
    • Acerca de
    • Salir