Aplicación My Numbers - Administrar suscripciones

Agregar un número
Cancelar suscripción


Agregar un número

Notas Notas:

  • Prepaid plans or devices not eligible.
  • Not available in all markets or business accounts at this time. 
  • Add up to 4 phone numbers to an existing smartphone.
  • Each number can be customized by choosing a zip code or a country.


  1. From the My Numbers app, tap the Menu icon Ícono de menú.
  2. Tap Manage subscriptions.
    Tap Manage subscriptions
  3. Tap Add a number.
  4. Tap Purchase a new number.
  5. Review subscription plans then tap Get started.
    Tap Select your number
  6. From the 'Select a number' screen, enter the preferred area code, then tap Find numbers in this area code.
  7. Once selected, tap I want this number (at the bottom).
  8. To continue, review the 'Notice of 911, 711 and TTY Limitations' then tap Agree.
    Review terms and tap agree
  9. Review your subscription then tap Subscribe now (at the bottom). 
  10. To continue purchase, enter the account billing zip code then tap Subscribe now
    Enter Zip code
  11. Tap Ok to confirm purchase. 
    Ícono de menú Text message is sent to linked number with additional subscription details. 


Nota For more info on the My Numbers app, check out these Preguntas.




Cancelar suscripción

Notas Cancelling a subscription stops monthly recurring charges and clears all call logs and message history.

  1. From the My Numbers app, tap the Menu icon Ícono de menú.
  2. Tap Manage subscriptions.
    Manage subscriptions
  3. Oprime el número deseado.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription.
  5. Review info, then tap Cancel number.


Nota For more info on the My Numbers app, check out these Preguntas.