Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Set Up Device

Si necesitas transferir los contactos y medios de un dispositivo a otro, sigue estas instrucciones paso a paso antes de activar el nuevo dispositivo.

Precaución Para evitar posibles problemas, revisa la siguiente información:


Nota Ícono de videocámara For a quick overview watch this video.


  1. If powered off, press and hold the Power button (located on the right side of the phone) until the 'Samsung Galaxy Note9' screen appears then release.
  2. From the 'Start' screen, select the appropriate language then tap the Right arrow icon Ícono de flecha derecha.
  3. From the 'Terms and Conditions' screen, select (check) the following then tap AGREE (lower-right) to continue:
    Nota Review the info before continuing.
    • Términos y condiciones
      Nota Must be selected to continue.
    • Política de privacidad
      Nota Must be selected to continue.
    • Diagnostic data
    • I have read and agree to all of the above.
  4. If presented with the 'Verify your account' screen, sign in with the Google account that was previously synced on the device, tap NEXT then tap No.
  5. If presented with the 'Phone Activation' screen, tap NEXT or tap ACTIVATE NOW (if available).
    Nota If prompted, enter the PIN de la cuenta then follow the onscreen prompts (see Preguntas frecuentes sobre número de identificación personal (PIN) for additional info).
    Nota If activating a new phone, ensure the old phone is powered off and allow several minutes for the deactivation of the old phone to complete.
  6. From the 'Set up Wi-Fi' screen, select and connect to the desired network or tap SKIP (lower-right).
  7. From the 'Google Sign in' screen, tap SKIP > SKIP.
  8. From the 'Name' screen, enter a name then tap NEXT.
  9. From the 'Protect your phone' screen, select No, thank you then tap SKIP then tap SKIP ANYWAY.
  10. From the 'Google services screen', select any of the following to turn on Interruptor en On o desactivar Interruptor en Off then tap I AGREE (scroll to the bottom).
    • Help apps find location
    • Improve location accuracy
    • Send system data
  11. From the 'Verizon Cloud' screen, tap SKIP (at the bottom) then tap NOT NOW (lower-left).
  12. From the 'Email setup' screen, tap SKIP (lower-right).
  13. From the 'Security & Privacy' screen, tap SKIP.
  14. From the 'Personalize your phone' screen, tap SKIP.
  15. From the 'Setup Wizard is complete' screen, tap DONE (lower-right).


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