LG G7 ThinQ™ - Move Files from Internal Storage to SD (Memory) Card

Nota To perform the steps below, an SD (Memory) Card debe estar instalado.

  1. Desde la pantalla de inicio, ve a: Settings (Configuración). Ícono Settings > Storage > Internal storage.
  2. If presented with Terms and Conditions screen, to continue, tap Accept.
  3. From the Internal storage screen, tap appropriate folder (e.g., Music, DCIM, Ringtones, etc.).
    Nota For images, select the Gallery app Ícono Gallery.
  4. If desired, open the folder to select files.
  5. Oprime el ícono Menu Ícono de menú (esquina superior derecha).
  6. Tap 'Move' or 'Copy'.
  7. Tap the desired file(s).
    Nota The file is selected when a check mark is present.
  8. Tap Move/Copy (lower-right).
  9. Tap the Folder icon folder icon.
  10. Tap the dropdown arrow then select SD (Memory) Card.
    Choose drop down arrow to select SD (Memory) Card
  11. Navigate to the preferred folder then tap SAVE.