Verizon Security & Privacy - Android™ - Unblock Wi-Fi Network

Nota Notas:

  • This feature isn't available on Android software version 8.x or later.
  • Verizon Security & Privacy blocks networks that may be unsecured. This can include home and office networks that do not require a password to connect.
  • If a network is added to the Blocked list, it can be removed.


  1. Abrir Verizon Security & Privacy.
  2. Toca Wi-Fi security.
    Tap Wi-Fi Security
  3. Toca Manage Wi-Fi networks.
    Tap Manage Wi-Fi Networks
  4. Tap Blocked Network.
    Tap Blocked Networks
  5. Select the network to be unblocked then tap Remove.
    Nota Seleccionado cuando haya una marca de verificación.
    Oprime Remove