Link / Unlink Contacts - moto g6 play

Nota The Contacts app uses an intelligent merge feature to combine contact info from various sources (GmailTM, Microsoft® Exchange, Facebook®, new entries, etc.). If contact info was joined in error it can be separated back into individual contacts.

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Contacts app icon ícono Contacts.
    Nota If not available, swipe up to access all apps.
  2. From the 'ALL' tab (located at the top), select a contact.
  3. Tap the Edit icon Icono Edit (esquina superior derecha).
  4. Oprime el ícono Menu Menú (esquina superior derecha).
  5. Realiza alguna de las siguientes acciones:
    • To link contacts:
      1. Tap Link.
      2. Oprime el contacto que vas a vincular.
      3. Tap Save (located at the top).
    • To unlink contacts:
      1. Tap Unlink.
      2. If prompted, tap Unlink again to confirm.

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