moto g6 - Common Camera Settings

Nota For additional info on camera settings, refer to the Camera section of the Guía del usuario.

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Camera icon Ícono Camera (en la parte inferior).
  2. If not available, tap Arrow up icon Up arrow icon to display all apps then tap Camera icon Ícono Camera.
  3. Selecciona una opción:
    Select a Camera Option

Shutter (photo and video)

  1. Select a camera option:
    • Tap the Camera icon to take a picture.
      Ícono Camera
    • Tap the Video icon to record a video,
      ícono de videocámara
  2. Tap the Camera Ícono Shutter or Video Ícono grabar shutter as applicable.


Más opciones

  1. Tap the More options icon.
    Mode selection icon
  2. Select an option (e.g., Spot color, Panorama, Slow motion, etc.)


Camera Switch

Tap the Switch Camera icon to select the front or rear camera.
Switch camera icon


Shutter settings

  1. From the main camera screen, tap the Settings icon.
    Ícono Settings
  2. Choose one of the following:.
    • Automático
    • Manual
      Nota Refer to the owner's manual for settings explanations.