Denunciar un número telefónico - Caller Name ID - Android

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Caller Name ID Tap the Caller Name ID Icon.
  2. Tap the Menu (located upper-left) Oprime Menu.
  3. Tap Recent activity.
    Tap Recent Activity
  4. Tap a 10-digit phone number from the list.
    Tap a 10-digit Phone Number
  5. Tap Mark as spam.
    Tap Mark as Spam
  6. Select an option then tap Confirm.
    • Don't Answer
    • None
    • Custom
      • Enter a label.
    Tap Confirm
  7. Select a category (e.g., Scammer, Telemarketer, etc.).
    Nota If you don't want to report the number tap Skip.
    Selecciona categoría
  8. If desired, enter a message about the number the number being blocked.
    Add a Message
  9. Tap Report.
    Tap Report
  10. Oprime OK.