LG ZONE® 4 - Contact Display Options

  1. From a Home screen tap Contacts ícono Contacts.
    Nota Swipe left or right to access apps; steps apply to the default Home mode.
  2. From the Contacts tab, tap the Menu icon Ícono de menú (en la parte superior izquierda).
  3. Tap Contacts settings.
  4. Tap Display then select an option:
    Nota Options presented vary depending on apps installed.
    • All contacts
    • Teléfono
    • Personalizar
      Nota Configure display options as preferred then tap APPLY.
  5. Tap Sort contacts by then select First name or Last name.
  6. Tap Show names by then select First name first or Last name first.
  7. Tap Show contacts with phone numbers only to turn on Interruptor On o desactivar Control Off.

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