LG ZONE® 4 - Text Message Notification Settings

Nota If Messaging is disabled, ensure Messaging is set as the aplicación predeterminada.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Essentials Esencial > Messaging Mensajes.
    Nota Swipe left or right to access apps; steps apply to the default Home mode.
  2. Toca el icono Menú Ícono de menú (ubicado en la esquina superior derecha).
  3. Oprime Configuración.
  4. Tap Notification.
  5. Tap any of the following to turn on Interruptor On o desactivar Control Off:
    • New messages
      Nota New messages must be turned on to configure other settings.
    • Show as pop-ups
    • Preview new message
  6. Tap Notification sound, select a sound (e.g., Default notification, Silent, etc.) then tap OK.
  7. Tap Vibrate then select an option (e.g., Always, Never, etc).
  8. Tap Repeat then select an option (e.g., Every 2 mins, Never, etc.)