Opciones de mensaje de voz

 Visual Voicemail:

Nota Notas:

  • If you have iPhone, free Basic Visual Voicemail, or Premium Visual Voicemail - refer to this Voicemail guide para ver más opciones.
  • In addition to the steps in the Voicemail guide, some options are available through the settings within the Visual Voicemail app.
  • If you have Visual Voicemail, the Voicemail Notification option listed in the guides below as 4. Personal Options > 1. Message Waiting Indicator On/Off or Notification On/Off is not available and only the sound notification can be adjusted through the Visual Voicemail app's settings.


  1. If necessary, sign in to the Visual Voicemail app.
    Nota If requested, enter the password.
  2. Tap new messages to play message.
    Nota Messages at the top of the list are the newest.


Basic Voicemail:

Nota Notas:

  • Visual Voicemail users can check voicemail using the *86 method in addition to using the Visual Voicemail app.
  • The Voicemail Notification option is controlled through the Visual Voicemail app, not via Personal Options, and isn't adjustable.


  1. Marca *86 (*VM) y luego oprime SEND.
    Nota When not calling from the phone, dial your 10-digit mobile number then interrupt the greeting by pressing the Pound (#) key.
  2. Ingresa la contraseña y luego oprime la tecla Pound (#).
  3. Oprime 4 para cambiar las opciones personales.
    Nota Si esta opción no está disponible, oprime * para acceder al menú principal.
  4. For additional assistance view the Voicemail guide.