Push to Talk Plus - Web Dispatch - One Touch Calling (Standard Mode)

Nota Notas:

  • Web Dispatch is supported on Windows platform on browsers that supports plugin or extension - IE 11, Chrome 45 & higher, Firefox 41 & higher.
  • Windows tablet is not supported in the initial release.
  • Users are prompted to install a plugin prior to use of Web Dispatch.


One Touch Action Settings

From app settings, define One Touch Action with the following options:

  • Call Most Recent
  • Call Contact
  • Call Group
  • Landing Page and None.
  • User picks a contact or group if contact or group is selected.
    Nota One Touch Settings should only be available on supported Android device.


Make a One Touch Call

Once configured, the user can push PTT button to invoke One Touch action under the following cases:

  • PTT app is idle and in the background.
  • PTT app is in the foreground but in a non-callable screen (callable screen calls user-selected contact/group)
  • PTT app is idle and device screen is locked (if Call from Locked Screen is enabled)


Make a One Touch Call from Locked Screen

With feature enabled, user can use PTT button to make One Touch call in locked screen without having to unlock it.

  • PTT actions other than pre-set One Touch Call are not allowed while the screen is locked.
  • If One Touch Action is set as Landing Page it won't be allowed in locked screen.
  • Device goes back to locked screen once the call ends.
  • User cannot access any other applications on the device.
  • If user uses Home, Back or Recent apps keys the phone lock screen is displayed.